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Developed and executed a voice of the customer (VOC) survey for a national hardware distributor that wanted to understand customers’ perceptions of its brand, sales team and marketing efforts. The project included designing the survey instrument; conducting and transcribing in-depth interviews (IDI) with the client’s customers; compiling and analyzing the results; and presenting the findings to the senior management team



Conducted product information management (PIM) audits for national manufacturers and distributors in the hardlines industry. The companies were not meeting their customers’ expectations in transmitting timely and accurate product data and wanted to improve their processes. The audits included interviewing internal personnel at all levels of the organization; creating a map of the current-state data flow; leading the internal teams in multi-day meetings to create a future-state map; and recommending next steps for process improvements



For an international lighting manufacturer, conducted primary interviews of targets including retailers, manufacturers, distributors, buying groups and industry consultants on the luminaires aka light bulbs market