Business Research 


Conducted media coverage audits of key press releases in the United States and Europe on new drug launches and key opinion leaders (KOL).



Researched and wrote profiles on an international pharmaceutical company’s competitors that included clinical trials; patient assistance programs; professional, policy and patient outreach; and funding.



Conducted secondary research on scores of non-profit organizations that could have a vested interest in a pharmaceutical company’s drug(s) getting approved and brought to market. The profiles included the non-profit organizations’ mission, key staff, board of directors, legislative involvement, grassroots initiatives, financial data and current funding.



Researched and compiled competitive overviews, as well as potential partners and key influencers on drugs relating to a variety of disease states including anaphylaxis, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, erectile dysfunction, infertility, pediatric cancer, and primary biliary cirrhosis.